The Building of New Stone Circles...
Practical Instructions

As a general rule I get asked to build one or two new stone circles every year. These new stone circles are constructed either by hand, by machine, or a mixture of the two. For those stone circles being built by hand, I am always looking for help from people who are willing to get their hands (and the rest) dirty.
Heave Ho!
It is an incredible experience to build a stone circle with a group of people dedicated to the healing of the land, living together, working together and playing together. On one hand it is an adventure into the realms of magic and mystery, building relationship with the Goddess and dancing with dragons, on the other a project which demands extreme focus and balance, dedication, consideration, and surrender to the group process.
The deal for helpers is free accommodation (in a communal space), free food, and a unique, magical experience. Minimum stay is two full days. Please bring: 2 sets of warm clothes, Strong walking boots or wellies (steel-toed, if you have them), Warm sleeping bag, Sleeping mat, Plate, Bowl, Cup and Cutlery, Flashlight, Protective gloves, Towel.
It is possible that your clothes may be damaged or get stained with grass/creosote etc, so bring old clothes!


Time is precious
  We will be using all the daylight hours there are available to physically move stones, for stones like to move slowly. If you want to be part of our team, be prepared to get up early. If the weather is inclement and just too horrible to face, we will give talks and slideshows about the more theoretical sides of the subject, such as designing stone circles, archeo-astronomy, Geomancy, the creation of sacred space, etc. Or we will simply relax. Tuesday is our day off.
Megalithic Working Practice
10-ton stones are heavy and potentially very dangerous (especially when they are hovering 3 feet above the ground). Consequently, we ask that you respect our space and agree to follow any instructions immediately, even if the underlying reasons are not immediately clear.

It is usually a good thing for new helpers to watch for half an hour or so before taking part. Give yourself plenty of time to tune in and get an idea of what we are doing. We always give an ongoing explanation of what we are doing as we progress, so that everyone is totally clear about what we are doing, why, and the role they are playing while it is happening.  

The team uses a “One Voice” system, where the leader, on any task, is the only person allowed to give instructions (usually Ivan, but not always).

When work is in progress, a quiet and focused atmosphere reduces the chance of mishaps. Please do not chatter, and stay alert. Watch and listen.

Every person on site sees and hears what is happening from a different perspective. Never assume that others see or hear the same as you.


If you see or hear something that suggests immediate danger, PLEASE VOICE IT CLEARLY TO THE LEADER, who will instruct appropriate action.

Please take responsibility for children and animals at all times. For obvious reasons, keep them away from the work area.

Ideas are always welcome, but it is important that they are expressed only to the leader, AT AN APPROPRIATE TIME, who can assess, discuss and consider their use.

ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL DRUGS to be brought to, or taken, on site.

Anyone “under the influence” of alcohol or illegal drugs on site will be asked to leave, and not to return.

Anyone experiencing spiritual ecstasy should try and cause as little disruption as possible.

We work together creating sacred space with respect and gentle reverence. We are aware that we are creating a worthy home for the God and the Goddess, and that every word and action will contribute to the atmosphere of the space in progress. Therefore, it is essential to be conscious of what we are doing, thinking, speaking, or being, at all times. However, both our God and Goddess have a wicked sense of humor, and enjoy lots of laughter!
The Megalithic Order of Druids (MODs)
  An added bonus: anyone helping to build a stone circle is automatically an apprentice Druid in the Megalithic Order of Druids. Over time, depending on experience, the apprentice will become a full Druid with full ceremony and honors.
Please Contact Me
  If you would like to attend any stone circle construction gathering(s), please contact me.

NOTE: I am now living in Vermont, USA, so most of my stone-moving antics are happening on the west side of the Great Pond…